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Luxury Mobile Spa Services: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Facials, Non-Invasive Lipo and more!

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Pro Skin Facials

Facial Massage Techniques


Thicker, leathery skin types. For the skin that needs extra stimulation. These are deeper, firmer strokes that stimulate muscle fiber and glandular activity.


All skin types. This soft, easy stroke is used at the opening and closing of the facial massage. It is used to spread the product around the face, and in between each of the other strokes.


All skin types. This movement is created with the fingers in place on the face, while muscular arm contractions stimulate the face with little to no movement.

Waxing Services

Full Body, Bikini, Arms, Face, and more.

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Mobile Serenity is extremely professional and super convenient for all of my grooming needs.  

Shawn B.

I am so glad I booked with Mobile Serenity for my facial and massage services!

Mercedes Parks

I was suffering from acne and dry skin. After booking a couple facials, I immediately saw results and improvements.

Sarah Thomas